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is not just a sector,

it's a connector.


We aim to empower anyone to buy and sell green energy on their own terms. 

What we do

We are creating a digital marketplace that will allow you to buy and sell green energy quickly and without any hassle.

You will be able to choose any green energy source whether it's from a big solar park or a nearby neighbor...

...or sell energy as a green energy producer or a prosumer (consumers that generate renewable energy and have excess to sell).

We aim to translate bills, energy consumption, or generation analysis in a way that will help you save money and take the right energy-saving decisions.



Active energy players with freedom of choice

Trustful and open energy market

AI-driven energy saving solutions

Clean energy for everyone

Energy connects all of us — through the energy grid and the common challenge to fight climate change!

Our 100-year-old energy system needs a major upgrade, led not only by tech, but also with love and trust. 


We believe that the energy grid of the future should be open for everyone — where each and every one of us is empowered to set our own terms in choosing the right energy,

for the right price, and making the right energy-saving decisions.


Feb, 20'

Elertis idea is born

Selected for EU Energy Data Access Pilot

May, 20'

1st place winner @ Futurepreneurs (sustainability pre-acceleration program).

And winner of the most sustainable idea award

May, 20'



3.69 megatonnes of CO2 will be saved annually


50 mln € will be saved by energy consumers annually


Shifting a realm of perception of energy

* estimated for total Lithuanian market

Would you like to see more love and trust

in the energy sector?

Energy spring is coming,
are you with us?

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