We are a part of the European Energy Data Access Pilot!

Updated: May 22, 2020

Our journey towards pioneering the sustainable energy market continues and there it is - another milestone for us! We are beyond excited to be selected as one of the participants in the European Energy Data Access Pilot!

What is it?

You might wonder what it is and why we are so excited about it…

European Energy Data Access Pilot is organised by the Estonian electricity and gas transmission system operator Elering, along with other European grid operators (including Lithuania’s ESO). Participants will be granted access to the ‘Sandbox’ environment of Estfeed’s data exchange platform, where mock metering data from different countries will be provided in cooperation with other European grid operators.

The purpose of this pilot project is to develop and test energy services, which require the private metering data of Data Owners (both private customers and enterprises) from different countries, in order to develop a secure and reliable energy data access platform that could be used by energy services throughout Europe. 

Why does it matter to us?

While we are currently in the development of our prototype that will allow handling virtual transactions, this pilot brings in substantial support for testing our platform on a larger scale. The data that we will access during the pilot is usually very difficult to obtain and has a lot of restrictions imposed, thus, having this exceptional opportunity to work with data from not only one country but from several opens up great opportunities to develop a next-generation platform that is not restricted within one country and can operate in the international arena. 

We envision the grid of the future as a reliable and efficient system that is powered by green energy sources from diverse energy players. Yet this change doesn’t happen overnight and to pursue our vision, we have an objective to develop strong and meaningful collaborations with organizations and institutions that will contribute to driving this change forward. This pilot is a major leap forward for us and we believe it’s just a start.

We are truly proud to have achieved such an acknowledgement and opportunity in this short period of time. Stepping a few months back being where we are now would sound surreal to us, but having a strong and motivated team, amazing things can happen very quickly! This is only a start for us, so watch out for more news and updates on how we aim to make the energy sector feel closer to all of us! 

You can find more information on the European Energy Data Access Pilot here

We’ll be working alongside really advanced companies, have a look at the full list of participants here

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